There are two reasons I started this blog- because I love writing, and because I love baseball. So I thought I might as well merge those two passions together and see what happened, and Breaking Wisconsin was created. I figured it would be a good way to practice if I eventually decide to pursue a career in journalism/sports writing. I also like to get my opinions out there and see what others think, so this also works for that.

Anyway, here’s a bit about myself in general. I’m a writer, golfer, baseball player (pitcher and first base when I play), and guitarist, in no particular order. I’m also obsessed with baseball statistics, particularly pitching stats. I love pretty much all Wisconsin sports (except the Bucks, I don’t watch the NBA), particularly the Brewers. I also follow the Packers and Badgers to an extent, but pretty much all my sports interest and knowledge is in baseball, hence the reason I love the Brewers so much.

So here’s how BWI works. My main focus is covering Brewer games, analyzing what happened with some opinions mixed. That’s usually the primary part of the post. Then I go into news from that day, analyze some numbers, and so on. I primarily talk about the Brewers in the news and numbers sections, but I’ll talk about other teams around the division or the rest of baseball if the news is significant enough. I also sometimes do a pregame post if I have time prior to the game, but sometimes I don’t, so I never promise that there will be a pregame post. On off-days, there’s usually either no post, or I find something opinionated to write about, whether or not it’s Brewers-related (but it’s almost always at least baseball-related).

I’m also a staff writer over at FanSided’s Reviewing the Brew. I go by the name Brad White, which is an alias I use when I can’t use the username BreakingWI (I prefer to stay relatively anonymous if I can). Anyway, I post articles there a few times a month, and at least once a week. I’ll usually link to my latest article there in the news section of posts.

You can also follow me on Twitter, where my username is @BreakingWI. I originally created the account back in early 2010 for personal purposes, but then stayed away from it for awhile. Around a year later, I brought it back as a baseball recaps account, particularly for the Brewers. A few months after that, I turned it into the Twitter account that backs up this site.

I created Breaking Wisconsin in early July of 2011. It’s still not too popular, but I’ve been happy with its progress lately. So if you like what you’ve seen here, feel free to check back regularly.

DISCLAIMER: Most (but not all) pictures used at BWI do not belong to BWI.

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