I started writing Breaking Wisconsin (BWI) back in 2011 as an anonymous blog about the Milwaukee Brewers. I was just getting into sports journalism at the time, and the blog served (and still does) a few purposes for me: it let me express my love for the Brewers and baseball in general through writing, gave me a space to practice for potential future jobs in journalism, and allowed me to vent my opinion regarding baseball– the Brewers in particular– to the public.

The blog has gone through many phases and changes since I started it the summer before my freshman year of high school. If you read my old posts compared to newer ones you’ll probably notice a change in writing style as now I’m entering my sophomore year of college. A lot of my early writing here was immature; I’d often let my emotions get the best of me while writing (a certain article about Tony La Russa and the Cardinals from 2011 comes to mind when I think about that). I’ve tried toning that down a bit, though it can be hard when writing about something you have a strong passion and bias towards. BWI remains a Brewers-biased blog, obviously, so keep that in mind while reading. However, I’m a pretty critical fan, so I’m not afraid to give a strong opinion and rip into the Brewers when they deserve it.

BWI is basically a news-oriented site– pretty much a lot of game recaps and Brewers news as it comes out– with some opinion and statistics-based analysis mixed in. I write it as often as I can; I was pretty consistent throughout the first year or two of BWI’s existence before I ran out of time my junior year of high school. Now, with the little time I have between school and work, I’m trying to be as consistent as I can after a nearly three-year hiatus.

A little about myself: I just finished my freshman year of college at a small liberal arts school in southern Wisconsin. I’m majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Journalism; the school, which I’m attending primarily because it gave me the best scholarship out of the institutions I applied to, doesn’t offer Journalism as a major. I also chose my school because of an interesting job opportunity with a minor league baseball team. I currently do stat stringing (relaying pitch location and play-by-play to MiLB offices so they can post it to their site) and write a majority of the game recaps for said team.

I choose to stay anonymous for the most part because I don’t want to be held responsible for anything controversial I might say on here that might impact future job opportunities. I don’t think I’ve really done that here, but since the primary purpose this site serves is for me to practice my writing, I don’t see the need to reveal my identity. (Besides, if you really wanted to, it probably wouldn’t be hard to find out which college I attend and the team I work for since there’s only one minor league team in southern Wisconsin.)

As I’ve implied, I don’t really write this blog in hopes of getting a ton of traffic and views; I’m going to continue writing regardless of that. However, if you happen to to be passing through, feel free to leave a comment or something to let me know you were here. I can talk baseball for days.

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