Zimmerman(n) kills the Brewers


> The Brewers did split this series, which is better than nothing against a team like the Nationals. But, considering the circumstances, they needed to do better; and it doesn’t help that both games they lost were complete blowouts. They were crushed today, 12-2. Marco Estrada proved he, for some reason, can’t pitch during noon games, and hammered for seven runs (six earned) in four innings against his former team.

They Nats used both of their Z’s to kill the Brewers, with Jordan Zimmermann tossing 6 2/3 strong innings and Ryan Zimmerman hitting a three-run blast off Estrada.

The Brewers only managed two runs, one coming on a Corey Hart homer.


> Estrada had been able to avoid the big inning his last few starts, thus being able to go 4-1 with a 1.23 ERA in his six starts prior to this. But it came back to haunt him today. After getting two outs in the fourth, he allowed five consecutive baserunners, and that doomed the Brewers for the rest of the day.


> The Cardinals took down the Astros, 6-1. The Brewers are now 3.5 games back with nine to go. It’s going to take a miracle- and probably a Cardinals collapse- to make it at this point.


> Aramis Ramirez hit his 50th double of the season.

> Norichika Aoki has no hits in his last nine at-bats.

> The probables for the upcoming Reds series:

Mike Fiers (9-8, 3.38 ERA) vs. Johnny Cueto (18-9, 2.84 ERA)

Shaun Marcum (5-4, 3.86 ERA) vs. Bronson Arroyo (12-8, 3.63 ERA)

Wily Peralta (2-1, 3.04 ERA) vs. Mat Latos (13-4, 3.60 ERA)


5 Responses to Zimmerman(n) kills the Brewers

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  2. elmaquino says:

    Guess Aramis is the first 50-doubles hitter in three years. I said when they signed him that he was the rebuttal to the Cards’ signing Beltran, and that looks to be about right.

    Carlos: .270, 30, 91
    Aramis: .298 25, 98


    The Brewers have the Reds, Astros and padres to go. The Cards have the Astros, Nats and Reds. So you guys are 3.5 back but have the schedule advantage. Should be really tight down to the end.

    • breakingwi says:

      Now we’re 4.5 back (assuming you guys finish off the Astros game). In other words, we need to win the rest of our games and the Cards need to lose the rest of theirs (I think that’s what it is, I didn’t want to do the actual math). So, barring a Braves-like collapse from you guys, we can’t make it.

      • elmaquino says:

        not quite 100% win and lose, but pretty close.

        If we were to get swept by the Nats and Reds (possible) and you guys swept Houston and San Diego (possible), it could happen.

      • breakingwi says:

        It is possible, but I think we have to take these last two from the Reds as well, and I don’t have much confidence in that. Arroyo has owned us lately, and Latos is tearing apart everyone right now. If we don’t take 2 of 3 here, I’m not even sure if it would matter if we did sweep our last two series.

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