Brewers slapped, fall further back


> Tonight was certainly a bump in what could be a storybook ending for the Brewers. They got knocked around by the struggling Mets, 7-3. Mike Fiers was charged for four earnies in five innings as his inconsistencies continue. A few big hits early, including a Lucas Duda RBI double and Daniel Murhpy’s two-run blast, put the Brewers in a hole they were never able to climb out of.


> I was hoping the Brewers being in contention would erase this, but apparently not. Brian Anderson hinted during the broadcast tonight that Ron Roenicke was still talking about the possibility of shutting down Fiers, just as they did with Mark Rogers a few weeks ago.

In my opinion, the Brewers contending for a Wild Card spot should eliminate any thought of shutting down one of the best pitchers on the team. He could just be going through a slump, or coming back to earth after he a stretch in which he was one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. But you can bet that it’s a “fatigued arm” in the eyes of our management.

And maybe it is. But a lot of guys around the league are probably starting to get fatigued and not saying anything about it; it is that time of year.

Still, the idea of “shutting down” a pitcher and not letting him throw another pitch for the rest of the year is an extremely stupid tactic to me, regardless of whether or not the guy is tiring. Some say pitchers get into “uncharted territory” when they pitch more innings than they’re used to. Then LET them pitch into that uncharted territory; they need that experience for the future.

So yes, Fiers has been inconsistent lately (although he did settle down nicely after a rough first two innings tonight). But that doesn’t mean he’s no longer a valuable asset to this team down the stretch.


> Corey Hart is getting closer to his return to the lineup. Roenicke said he could come back tomorrow, but it’s unlikely he would start.

> The Phillies won, so they passed the Brewers in the WC standings. The Cardinals are also currently winning, which would mean they would be 4.5 games up on the Brewers.


> Tonight’s loss snapped a streak of nine straight home wins.

> Jon Niese, who had a 15.43 ERA in his first two careers starts against the Brewers, now has two consecutive wins against them.

> Tomorrow’s match-up:

Jenrry Mejia (0-0, 4.50 ERA) vs. Shaun Marcum (5-4, 3.71 ERA)

Worth noting that Marcum has a 0.69 ERA in his career against the Mets.

By the way, I’ll be at tomorrow’s game, so the article might come a little later than usual.

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  1. Append your last sentence. I’m giving you a ticket. ;-P

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