Rogers settles down too late as Brewers fall

> The Brewers just couldn’t get anything going today against the Cardinals, losing 6-1. Mark Rogers, who had a solid start in his season debut against the Nationals, served up five runs between the second and third innings, and that would be the Brewers’ downfall, with the way their offense was all night.

Rogers went just five innings while giving up five runs on seven hits. He walked one and struck out five. This is rather cliche, but, other than the third inning in which Rogers gave up four runs, he didn’t pitch all that badly. All seven hits he gave up came between the second and third innings, including six in the third. Carlos Beltran led off the second with a home run that was originally ruled a double, but it was reviewed and overruled to a home run. But it was nothing to argue about; the ball was clearly over the wall. That tied the game at 1-1, but Rogers allowed back-to-back doubles to start the third against the Cards’ eight and nine hitters, Daniel Descalso and pitcher Adam Wainwright. Two batters later, Allen Craig started a string of three straight singles, the others from Matt Holliday and Beltran. After Rogers struck out David Freese, he gave up an RBI single to Yadier Molina. That would be the last run of the inning, but by the end of all of that, the score was 5-1.

The only Brewers run came in the first inning. Carlos Gomez led off the game with a double, Nyjer Morgan moved him over with a groundout, and Ryan Braun drove him in with a sacrifice fly. But that’s been the story of the season for Wainwright: you have to jump on him early, because he’s nearly untouchable after the first inning, especially against a Brewers team he’s had success against. Wainwright went on to throw a complete game gem, allowing just that one run on five hits, along with no walks and seven strikeouts.

> If you didn’t already know, the Cardinals have been celebrating their 1982 World Series championship- which came over the Brewers- this weekend, with the big on-field ceremony coming prior to today’s game. The Cardinals wore their throwback uniforms from around that time, as did the Brewers.

But, as much as I love the powder blue retro road uniforms that the Brewers donned today, I have to question them agreeing to take part in the Cards’ celebration of them winning the ’82 Series. Again, keep in mind the Brewers lost that series, and is to this day their only World Series appearance. It’s almost like the Brewers commemorating the fact that they lost in the World Series.

I guess you could look at it two ways. It’s the Brewers’ only Series appearance in their history, and the ’82 team was arguably the best team the Brewers have ever fielded, so it could be worth celebrating. But, at the same time, I find it somewhat embarrassing that the Brewers would take part in a celebration of a series in which they lost.

But that makes it even more fitting that they lost today.

> And that’s about it. The Brewers will try and save themselves the embarrassment of being swept in St. Louis tomorrow at 7:05 PM CT. They’ll send Marco Estrada (0-4, 4.34 ERA) to the mound, who is still in search of his first win. He’ll be opposed by Kyle Lohse (11-2, 2.91 ERA), who doesn’t have a good track record against the Brewers, but has been solid in his last two starts against them.

Anyway, thanks for reading.




10 Responses to Rogers settles down too late as Brewers fall

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  2. elmaquino says:

    I can’t believe the Brewers are scoring even more than they did at this point last year with Fielder. Is everyone just doing better in general along with Ramirez’s monster year or what?

    • breakingwi says:

      Aside from his April, Ramirez has actually filled in admirably for Fielder. Lucroy got off to a blazing start, and Maldonado filled in for him nicely as well. Hart is somehow hitting .270 and is second in the NL in XBH. Braun is being Braun (most of the time). Aoki has brought a boost to the OF. Gomez has been hot lately.

      So I guess you could say everyone is doing better in general. You know, except the bullpen.

      • elmaquino says:

        That blew me away when I saw that stat (like more than 30 runs more than they did with that monster lineup last year). Not to be too harsh, but that really emphasizes the injuries to the rotation and deficiency of the bullpen.

      • breakingwi says:

        Even the rotation hasn’t been that bad with all the injuries though. The young guys (especially Fiers) have been a nice surprise. But it’s all on the bullpen. The losses of Saito and Hawkins clearly took a huge toll.

      • elmaquino says:

        What’s the deal with Axford and K-Rod? Were they overworked or did they just hit the closer wall?

      • breakingwi says:

        Nothing we haven’t seen before- the curse of the closer. Kolb, Turnbow, Gagne, Hoffman, and now Ax and K-Rod. The Brewers just can’t themselves a sustained closer.

      • elmaquino says:

        Nobody can anymore. Terrible year for closers. Just glad ours is serviceable.

        Hey, beat those Reds up for us, okay? Brew’s due for some wins and Cincy for some losses.

      • breakingwi says:

        We can win the Fiers game. The other two would be wishful thinking. But man am I sick of the Reds, I wish we could just pull out a sweep somehow.

      • elmaquino says:

        Me too. Do the world a favor and drag em across the pavement.

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