Taking a break

> As I said in my post a few days ago, it took me awhile to decide which way to turn with this blog. I actually thought it was going to a little longer than this, but I just came to the conclusion a few minutes ago that I’m going to take a break from Breaking Wisconsin. I’ve yet to determine how long it’ll be, but that will probably depend on a few different factors.


> Earlier today, I was reading my old blog, which I started in 2008. Every so often, I go back to check on it, just to see how many views it has, new comments, and so on.

But today, I actually read the content of the of the blog for the first time in nearly a year, which was also the last time I wrote an article for that blog. And I realized something: compared to that blog, this one is nothing.

At first, I thought I was lying to myself. But, comparing BW to my old site, my old site wins by a landslide. My writing on my old blog was so much better- more clear, more succinct, more mature, more to the point about the topic- everything about it. Despite the fact that site’s topic was a more childish one, the content on it makes it look like what I’ve been attempting to do here at BW this past year childish.

> Recently, a friend of mine- at least someone that I consider a friend- quit writing his blog. I asked him why, and he told me that he found himself writing for views and traffic, rather than writing for quality. I understood him, but didn’t really apply it to myself at the time. Today, my old blog made me realize that I am writing for views and traffic here on BW. Ironically, something I’m not getting are views and traffic.

Funny how the world works, eh?

I suppose the natural instinct when writing a blog, or anything that involves writing across the Internet, is to write for views, and make yourself popular. But, unless you have the quality writing to back it up, does it really work? No.

> I’ve never said this before on BW, or anywhere, for that matter. But I guess now is no worse than any other time, so I’ll tell you- I’m 16 and a sophomore in high school.

I’ve been asked about my age a few times before since I started BW, and I’ve always been hesitant to answer. The reason for that is I don’t think that the age of the writer should change the perspective of the reader. I’ve seen sixth graders who are better writers than adults. But, when you’re reading a piece by someone whom you know the age of, you’re inclined to read it based on that.

That’s why I’ve been hesitant to give out my age. But I thought I’d tell it to all of you now because maybe it explains the sloppiness of my writing at times. By no means am I using that as an excuse for myself, though.

> Another factor to some of the sloppiness on this blog is probably the sloppiness of baseball fundamentals by the Brewers. Like I said a few days ago, the fact that the Brewers are having a losing season isn’t exactly motivating to write. I also tend to let out my frustration into my writing more often than not, and that’s been happening basically every night with the way the Brewers have played this season.

> So that’s really all I’ve got. Writing this blog has been fun, but I think I need a break to find myself as the writer I know I can be. I’m going to continue writing for Reviewing the Brew, where I also haven’t been very proud of my work lately. Maybe that can serve as a place for me to hone my writing while I take a break from this blog.

> Anyway, thanks for reading.

One Response to Taking a break

  1. F14TRex.com says:

    Hope you get my last comment–looks like I was writing it while you were writing this.

    In addition, I’ll tell you that I did what you were doing with EM. I wrote for attention. Now I write for quality, not hits. When you write something and re-read it to fix the mistakes, you’ll find that the ideas were always there, you just needed to clean them up a bit.

    God bless,


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