Brewers crush Miley behind Fiers’ gem

> There hasn’t been much to get excited about so far this season for the Brewers. But it’s hard not to get excited during blowouts like this, combined with a gem from a young starter trying to make an impression.

> And that’s exactly what happened today. The Brewers took down the Diamondbacks, 10-2, in what was a showcase of power at the beginning. Ryan Braun hit two home runs, Cody Ransom had a three-run shot and another RBI later, and Carlos Gomez had a solo homer.

Most of these runs came against Diamondbacks starter Wade Miley, who gave up eight earnies in just 3 2/3 innings. Miley boasted a 2.19 ERA, which led MLB rookies, coming in, to go along with a nice road ERA. These numbers almost guaranteed him a spot on the National League All-Star roster, which will be announced tomorrow. But, the beating he took ballooned his ERA to 2.87. Not that it’s a bad ERA, and he’ll still probably make the roster. But this outing certainly doesn’t look good on his resume.

Michael Fiers, on the other hand, was flat-out dominant. He threw six shutout innings while giving up just two hits. He walked three and struck out a career-high ten batters. Like I said earlier, he’s been trying to make his case to stay in the rotation for the rest of the season, and his past three starts alone should be enough. Over his past three starts, he’s given up just one run, coming out to a 0.44 ERA over the span. He’s also brought his ERA all the way down from 4.75 to 2.29. Maybe it’s a small sample size, but I love what I’m seeing from him right now.

> Sorry I haven’t been getting articlesup at all lately. I missed the entire Reds series, and the first game of this series. But there are a few reasons for that.

First of all, I’m learning what it’s like to write about a losing team, and it hasn’t been fun. The Brewers are currently 35-42, fourth place in the NL Central, and are flirting with a 90-loss season if they keep it up at this rate. I started this blog about a year ago, nearly to the day (my first post ever was on July 3rd of 2011). I do have previous writing/blogging experience that dates back to late 2008, but it wasn’t about baseball up until ’11. Anyway, when I started doing this a year ago, the Brewers were having a winning season at the time, and went on to have one of their best seasons in franchise history. This year, I just can’t see that happening. They’ve had their share of bad luck with injuries and everything, but some players just aren’t performing as well. Those two things combined will kill a team.

I still love the Brewers, and always will. But it isn’t fun to write about them losing day after day.

Secondly, my motivation to write has gone down a lot recently. The traffic on Breaking Wisconsin as at nearly the lowest it’s ever been as of late. Obviously, that’s naturally going to happen because I haven’t posted the past few days, but it felt like that was happening even while I was posting.

So it’s clear to me that the people who told me they were reading my blog not too long ago are no longer reading it (save for maybe one of them). I used to get a few retweets and things on Twitter when I would tweet a link to my latest post, but now I don’t even get that (except for that Sports Blog RT thing, which really doesn’t help at all).

I also attempt to encourage comments on this blog as well, and for a short time that worked, but it isn’t any more. The only person who commented every so often has quit blogging for the time being, which leaves me without a comment in over a month.

Bottom line is, I’m starting to think running a blog about a losing team with no readers is a waste of my time. I’ve felt obligated to write on here the past few months, but who have I been writing for? No one, basically.

So I’m having trouble thinking about which way to go with this blog. I don’t know if I should keep going, take a little break, or quit for good- at least with this blog. I do have a few other projects I could fall back on, including Reviewing the Brew, where I hope to keep my position regardless of the path I choose with Breaking Wisconsin. I also have another idea for a new blog I could start if I choose not go on with BW, but I’ll keep mum on that for now.

Anyway, this decision will probably take awhile for me to think about. Writing this blog has been an interesting ride for me so far, and we’ll see which way it takes me this time.


2 Responses to Brewers crush Miley behind Fiers’ gem

  1. says:

    I’m still writing. I just had to start over after some soul-searching.

    I’d suggest to you to be way more pragmatic. I quit EM because I looked back at my writing and saw that it was well-structured and it flowed easily, but it didn’t convey any emotion.

    For instance, the Cards sucked in 2010. We got crushed by those deadbeat Reds, pissing away one win after another until the bad guys won. For the first time in my short baseball life, my team was dragging its collective face across the pavement at 100 miles an hour, just like yours is now. But when I read the stuff I wrote from back then, very little of that frustration was conveyed. And when it was, it was just depressing. I thought, “Why did I think someone would come here to read this?”

    Looking back, I wish I’d have conveyed a more middle finger-type attitude at being cleaned out by those douchebags as opposed to just the doom and gloom of it. But another key element I was missing that I think you could MAKE this site with is entertaining cynicism.

    I see it all the time when I go to games here in KC. Many a day Royals fans go to the park KNOWING their team is going to lose. But they, the real die-hards, driven by friends, denial, hope, alcohol or that unquenchable live-by die-by love for the local nine, go anyway to take in the fun of baseball’s wonderful layers that will always be there. Those layers can be taken to any degree. For us, it’s “WHY did he bunt there?” or “Man, he blew that pitch UP!” For others it’s “Hey Aaron, who’s the first baseman? He’s hot.” or “I remember when Brett was out there. HE’D have caught that ball!” or “Mustard’s gonna win the hot dog race!” or “Which one’s left field?” A writer who’s around the game every day needs to realize and remember the existence of these layers and be able to zoom in and out as much as is necessary so as to keep the proper perspective and the writing enjoyable.

    When you approach the game like that, it’s not only tolerable, it in turn makes the emotions you convey in your writing much more enjoyable and readable. When you’re down 10 in the second, you don’t lament. You zoom out, take a step back, take yourself out of it, and laugh it off because you’re a cynic and you knew this would happen. Once in a while you get irate and lampoon the front office for stinge-skulled moves that brought this team to its knees. But never stay so zoomed in on the level baseball men like you and I tend to tend to stay on, or you won’t be any different than the other defective team blogs, you won’t enjoy writing anymore and, thus, no one will want to read you anymore.

    In short, stay cynical. (The good kind, the one that keeps hopes low so as to prevent the sinking depression some un-immunized Pirates fans have felt for 20 years.) Put the memories of last year in the trunk where they belong, accept that your team is trash now and write accordingly. Have a good sense of humor about it. Whatever you do, make sure you’re emotional and that those emotions aren’t apathy or despair. Nobody wants to read that. Stay zoomed in and be angry, zoom out more than the frustrated lunatics and be the voice of reason, and zoom out even further and paint a humorously bad team as the caricature they are. But whatever you do, stay out of the dumps.

    One last thing: You know this already, but write every day. If you do keep this site going, you HAVE to do that, especially since school’s out now. This is MANDATORY. Again, if you do keep going, I’ll stop by once in a while and hope you do the same; and I want to see something new here every day or an explanation for why there’s not something here on Twitter [@f14trex]. Subjects don’t always come to you, so you’ll have to come up with something to write about on your own, especially in the offseason.

    My new site’s done incredibly well for how new it is, and hopefully we can build (or be) each other’s audience since we both write baseball. This all, of course, only applies if you continue writing, which I hope you do.

    God bless,


    • breakingwi says:

      Thanks for the comment; it definitely helped. I’m doing the same thing you were doing before; trying to find myself. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I’m not the writer I used to be, but hopefully I’m on the way back.

      I think I was able to be more emotional last year when the Brewers were winning. For instance, the day that Motte hit Braun intentionally. I felt like pouring all my anger into my post that day and cussing like there was no tomorrow. But I had a reason to get mad; my team was winning, and I was ticked that we lost in such a dumb way. Things haven’t been the same this year, as my writing has shown. I haven’t adjusted yet, but some of the tips you gave should help.

      I know I have to post every day, but the views have just been so far down lately, it’s getting tough to go on. During the offseason (especially during the Braun incident), there was a stretch where I had 100 views per day every day. Now, I’m lucky if I get 10 views in a day, if that.

      But we should be each other’s audience. We should have been a few months ago when you still ran EM, but now there’s another chance.

      Anyway, as my new post said, I’m going to take a break. It’s probably going to be more of just a brief hiatus now, but I still just need a few days. Thanks again though.

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