Braun’s lawyer retaliates to collector

> I was hoping this would happen.

Earlier today, Ryan Braun’s attorney, David Cornwell, countered the statement issued two days ago by Dino Laurenzi Jr., who claimed that he did nothing to Braun’s drug test. Here is some of Cornwell’s statement:

“Ryan Braun presented a winning defense in the forum that counted. The landmark decision in Ryan’s favor was based on the evidence and the plain meaning of the words in baseball’s Joint Drug Program. The collector’s attempt to relitigate his conduct is inappropriate, and his efforts will only be persuasive to those who do not understand the evidence or the rules. Ryan Braun was properly vindicated. Both Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association should be applauded because their Joint Program worked.”

This isn’t exactly the point I was trying to make yesterday, but this is also true. Laurenzi’s statement was only going to make things worse, so it’s a good thing Braun and Co. countered quickly. (Link to article on statement)

> Speaking of this topic, I read an article today via Bleacher Report that said “80-90%” of players don’t agree with the fact that Braun’s suspension was overturned. I don’t see why, since it’s a case in which the Players’ Union won, so you think the members of it- the players- would be happy about it.

But, let’s remember it was from Bleacher Report. And, it doesn’t help that ESPN reported it. ESPN must really hate Braun, since they first leaked the news that he tested positive, and now, even when they look stupid for being proved wrong, they’ve still trying to make him look bad.

So here’s what I have to say to them- go back to covering the NBA, you dolts. (Link to article on Braun)

> Before I move on to the other topics of the day, remember last night when I was talking about how I didn’t want the baseball postseason to expand too much, because then it would become like the NBA? Well, Chipper Jones took the words out of my mouth earlier today. Good to see someone else agrees with me. (Link to article on Braves’ thoughts on extended postseason)

> This was a very ugly scene. Earlier today, during a bunting drill, AJ Burnett bunted a ball off his face. During the clip I saw, after the ball hit his face, Burnett looked down for a few seconds, then blood started dripping onto the ground. If you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t recommend you watch it- it’s pretty grotesque.

Anyway, it turns out Burnett has an orbital fracture, and he’ll be having surgery tomorrow. He definitely won’t be ready by opening day for the Pirates, but they still have five starters capable of making up a solid rotation. (Link to article on Burnett)

> Shaun Marcum is once again nursing a “tender throwing shoulder.” I’m not too worried about this, though, since it happens to him almost every spring. I was actually at the Spring Training game last year in which he had to leave after just three innings with a stiff shoulder. (And, if I recall correctly, he had yet to give up a hit against the White Sox.)

Anyway, Marcum should be good to go soon, and shouldn’t miss a Spring Training start, like he had to last year. (link to article on Marcum)

> And that’s about it. Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


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