Computer problems…

> The luck I have with computers really blows me away sometimes.

Once again, I apologize for yet another long layoff without me posting. I’m embarrassed that I have to continue making up excuses, but this time I have a legitimate excuse.

So, last night, I was writing a post for Reviewing the Brew, because I hadn’t posted on there in over a week, and I had to get something up. Unfortunately, I’d been having issues charging my computer two days prior to that. Usually, when I plug in my computer to a power outlet with the charging cable, a small light comes on in the front of it to signify that it’s charging. But, that light hadn’t been coming on for the past few days, and I noticed that, even when my computer was plugged in to the wall, it wasn’t charging. Last night, my computer was getting low on battery, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. So I had to write an extremely quick post on RtB (it still ended up being 500 words somehow), and, immediately after, my computer died.

I thought my computer charger (or the computer itself) was broken, so I was thinking I’d have to get another new computer due to charger problems. You see, a few years back, on my old laptop, a piece of the charger got stuck in my computer and somehow ended up in the motherboard, which screwed up both how the computer charged and how the computer ran. I thought that this was happening all over again, until I simply plugged my computer into another outlet. And, sure enough, it worked. I’m stumped as to what’s wrong with the outlet that I had been using to charge my computer for the past three to four years,  but hopefully I get to the bottom of that soon.

Anyway, that story definitely sounded better in my head, but it gives you a gist of what I’ve been through with computers over the years- at least Windows computers. . I use a Windows laptop to post on this site (and RtB), and a Mac desktop for all of my schoolwork. Of course, I’m constantly running into problems with the Windows computer, but never with the Mac. But I need at least one Windows computer at my disposal, since the disadvantage of using a Mac is it doesn’t have flash player.

Well, I got off topic again with that debate. Anyway, hopefully I’m back to posting regularly, at least for the time being.

> The other day, Mark Attanasio announced that Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke are going to be given extensions soon. I’d like them to get extensions for Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum first, but the GM and managerial positions are also important. (Link to article)

> Chris Narveson has become one of the many Brewers to join Twitter. His “Twitter handle,” as the usernames are called nowadays, is @sleep_trick. Most baseball players use their own name in their username, but I guess Narvy decided to do something completely irrelevant. “Sleep Trick” was supposedly his X-Box gamertag. (Link to article)

> After I’ve written two articles (one here and one on RtB), the Brewers have finally realized that Yovani Gallardo needs to be more efficient. Roenicke talked about that during an interview at Spring Training the other day. (Link to article)

> I mentioned earlier that I put up a new post on RtB yesterday, so here’s a link to it. I’ve sort of already talked about the topic (which is  Ryan Braun taking legal action) here at BW, but I went a bit more in-depth on it yesterday.

> I think I’ve covered just about everything I’ve missed over the past few days. Again, sorry for yet another layoff, but hopefully it won’t happen again soon. But thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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