Greinke working on cutter

> Well, Zack Greinke said he isn’t working on his contract negotiations with the Brewers. But, he is working on what could become a new pitch for him next year- a cutter.

The cutter could actually be the reason for some Greinke’s hiccups prior to the All-Star break. He said he’s experimented with it in the middle of the season before, and it was never consistent enough, and it led to some bad outings. So, he decided Spring Training would be a good time to experiment with the cutter some more, when the games don’t mean as much.

In my opinion, though, Greinke doesn’t need a cutter. He’s already a four-pitch pitcher- fastball, slider, curveball, and circle change-up. Greinke also mentioned that the cutter is tougher for him to learn because he already has a slider. That may sound stupid, but I can actually relate. I’ve been pitching for a few years now, and last year I tried to amp up my arsenal. I had four pitches- fastball, cutter, splitter, and curveball. Towards the end of the season, I tried adding a slider, and it was hard at first. I eventually had to use a completely different arm angle for the slider, otherwise it would have moved exactly the same as the cutter. I assume something similar is happening to Greinke, except the opposite of my problem.

But again, if Greinke ends up not adding the slider, it’s not the end of the world. He already has four above-average pitches, which is enough to be a good Major League pitcher.

> Spring Training non-roster invitee Cesar Izturis is excited because it’s the first time in years that he’s got a chance to make a bid at a Major League roster out of Spring Training. If he does make it, he’ll be a back-up shortstop to the newly signed Alex Gonzalez.

> Ron Roenicke is deciding whether or not to stick with Corey Hart in the leadoff spot this year, or go back to Rickie Weeks, who was used in the leadoff role for all of 2010, and up until the All-Star break in 2011. Since Weeks still isn’t 100% healthy from his ankle injury last year, I think Hart is a good choice for now, with Weeks in the five-spot. (Link to article)

> And that’s about it. If you noticed, I sort of tried to list a few links in this post, and then briefly explain them (following the main topic of the post). I’m probably going to do this all throughout Spring Training, and, if it works well, use it for awhile.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


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