K-Rod starts up again

> Here we go again.

Earlier today, I heard exactly what I was happy I hadn’t heard for most of the offseason: the whining of Francisco Rodriguez.

Well, it isn’t exactly whining, but it’s close enough. Rodriguez is “mulling legal action against his former agents, claiming they deceived him.” In other words, he wants to sue the agents he had prior to switching over to Scott Boras because they traded him to the Brewers without his consent.

Apparently, what happened behind the scenes of the Brewers-Mets trade that occurred over the All-Star break in 2011 is coming out. During that time, Rodriguez was in the midst of switching agents. He was then traded to the Brewers during that time, so none of the clauses of his contract came into effect (except that $17.5 million vesting option, which he and the Brewers agreed to null after the trade was completed).

One of the clauses that didn’t come into effect was a no-trade clause that allowed Rodriguez to decline trades to 10 teams. The Brewers were one of those teams.

So, here are all of his problems put together: he was trying to switch agents at the time, got traded without his consent, didn’t get an opportunity close, and took a significant pay cut (although he’s still making $8 million in 2012). I guess I can see where he’s complaining, but it’s either having all of those problems solved, or having the opportunity to play for a contending team, such as the Brewers.

But if you’ll recall, back in September, he started complaining that he wasn’t getting an opportunity to close. This really ticked me off, since it was during a time when the Brewers were in the midst of a playoff chase, and were kind of struggling at the time. What happened then makes me feel much less sympathy for the situation Rodriguez is in now.

Even though he’s making $8 million, though, don’t be surprised the he’s still complaining- the only other two teams he’s ever played for are the Angels and Mets, both of whom belong to the biggest market cities on their respectable coasts.

> The Pirates completed their trade for AJ Burnett by sending the Yankees two Minor Leaguers. They’ll expect Burnett to be their #2 starter, but I don’t know if he’s got that much left in the tank.

This also benefits the Pirates financially, as they’ll only need to eat up $13 million of the $33 million remaining on Burnett’s contract.

> Mike Cameron retired today after 17 years in the Majors. He had signed a Minor League deal with the Nationals earlier this winter, but decided to retire before even taking the field this Spring Training. Cameron played two years with the Brewers (2008-09), and actually produced some decent power numbers that people forget about, hitting 25 and 24 home runs in the respective years. Those were his last two good years in the Majors, as he kind of fell off with the Red Sox and Marlins to finish his career. In fact, he was released by the Marlins towards the end of last year after a conflict with a flight attendant on an airplane.

But I’ll kind of miss Cameron. The guy was a true class act, and I wish him the best during his post-baseball life.

> And that’s about it. Not all that much news, unless you consider an overpaid reliever complaining news. But, before I go, here’s a link to my latest post on Reviewing the Brew. I wrote about a similar topic a few months ago here on BW, but I thought I’d reiterate it again.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


2 Responses to K-Rod starts up again

  1. elmaquino says:

    I think that’s a legit beef. I’m not big on people suing people, but I think he has every right to be upset.

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