Carter loses fight with cancer

> I hate cancer.

And so does everybody else (hopefully). I’ve had to face it a few times in the past, and the results have been varied. Every so often, someone I know who has cancer will bravely fight it, and be rewarded in the end with being able to continue living. Unfortunately, the rest of the time, once someone hears he/she has cancer, it’s too late, and their fate is already decided. And I hate it.

That was the case today with Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter. Sometime around a year ago, Carter was diagnosed with one of the toughest cancers to treat- brain cancer. The tumor that caused Carter’s cancer was already too far along when it was discovered, and was untreatable. And Carter was only 57.

I don’t think I need to say anymore. You know what happened from there.

My prayers are with Carter’s loved ones. I know what they’re going through; I’ve been down that road before, and it isn’t easy.

But, a good friend of mine once said to me- “you never know when you’re number’s going to be called.” I think that applies pretty well here.

> But let’s get off that depressing topic. Apparently, the Yankees had a trade in place with the Angels that would send AJ Burnett to them in exchange for Bobby Abreu. But, Burnett has the ability to reject trades to 10 teams, and the Angels are one of them. Despite the fact the Angels have as good of a chance- possibly better- as the Yankees to contend next year, Burnett would prefer to stay on the east coast for family reasons.

Which is why the Pirates would make sense. They’re still in contention for Burnett, and it will probably end up working out, since the Yankees are willing to eat up a lot of Burnett’s salary just to get rid of him.

> I heard from a few different sources (Lance Allen, Brewer Nation, etc.) that Ryan Braun is “definitely 100% innocent.” I’ve been hearing this for awhile, but still be hearing it at this stage of the process is encouraging.

Which reminds me. Remember my post from the other day about how Braun’s deadline was extended and me reiterating Braun’s innocence? Well, it was one of my more popular posts in awhile, but I reached a milestone of sorts with it- I got my first “troll.”

I thought the first person to troll this blog was going to be a Cardinals or Cubs fan. But no- it was a fellow Brewers fan. That really disappointed me.

So, as I said, I was defending my opinion about Braun and trying to prove him innocent. But this guy comes in and starts trying to prove Braun guilty. Keep in mind he’s a Brewers fan. I had never seen anything like that before. Have you ever seen a fan of a team want the best player of his team to get a 50-game suspension? Because I haven’t.

But oh well. Stuff like that comes with blogging, and I realize that.

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