Braun’s deadline extended

> Can’t we just hear the results already?

It was announced earlier today that Shyam Das, the panel chairman for this case, has been given more time to decide the fate of Ryan Braun, and whether or not he’ll start the season with a 50-game suspension.

Honestly, I have no idea what’s taking so long. To me, it’s a simple decision- the drug test, which tested positive, was legitimate, or it was defective. There’s probably much more to it than that, but how much more? It couldn’t be that much.

But something has to be going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. My guess is, by now, that the people in charge of the case are arguing amongst themselves about whether or not Braun should be given another test, or at least something along those lines. I don’t know what else would be making this whole process take so long.

I’ve been saying this all along, but the test was clearly wrong in the first place. Twice the amount of testosterone than the previous record was? I’m not doctor, but if it were truly that much, I’m pretty sure Braun wouldn’t even be alive, if not very ill. But who knows- that could be another thing the arbitrators are discussing, which would be why it’s taking so long.

This better be resolved by the time Spring Training games start, at least. I don’t want the pressure of this thing to be on Braun for all of Spring Training, because odds are it’ll affect his performance.

Heck, they might as well start a new case for how long this case itself is allowed to last.

> But here’s one case that didn’t take very long- less than a day, in fact. Reliever Jose Veras lost his arbitration against the Brewers today, and will earn $2 million in 2012.

In my opinion, Veras wasn’t worth going all the way to arbitration with in the first place. The gap between what the Brewers offered and what Veras wanted wasn’t very wide at all, at just $375,000, but for some reason they couldn’t come to an agreement. Veras should just be happy to be with a team that has a chance at contending, though. It’s kind of a shame that everyone (or at least most players) in baseball nowadays only cares about the money, no matter what the amount is.

But I’m glad the Brewers at least won this case. It wouldn’t have made them look very good to have lost an arbitration case to a 31-year old reliever who has averaged over four walks per nine innings in has career, and has just had a mediocre career overall.

> The Royals picked up Ned Yost’s 2013 option today. Sometimes I wonder what direction that franchise is headed.

> The Pirates and Yankees are still talking about an AJ Burnett trade, and it appears to be becoming more likely, as the Indians were counted as contenders for Burnett earlier today. (They nearly traded Travis Hafner for him…)

Anyway, it sounds like the Pirates are still just arguing with the Yankees about the amount of Burnett’s salary they’ll have to eat up. The Yankees are willing to take a lot of it, but my guess is that the Pirates will probably have to take at least a third of the salary.

> And that’s about it. Slightly more of a news day than yesterday, at least.

By the way, I’ll probably have a post up on Reviewing the Brew tomorrow. I’m still trying to think of a topic, but I’ll have one by tomorrow night.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


2 Responses to Braun’s deadline extended

  1. LeeInMKE says:

    Ok, so. Braun tested TWO WEEKS AFTER the ‘bad’ test, and was clean. Also, he tested FOUR times the LEGAL limit… who cares what the ‘record’ was. And third, Testosterone won’t cause illness or death, no matter how much you have.

    • breakingwi says:

      K, great. None of those were really the point I was trying to make. I’m mad because the process isn’t going fast enough. I specifically said I’m not a doctor (or politician, for that matter), so you don’t need to get all over me about that. I’m just a Brewers fan waiting to see my favorite player’s fate. If he gets banned, so be it. But you don’t need to yell at me about it.

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