Veras has arby hearing

> The newly acquired Jose Veras reportedly went to an arbitration hearing with the Brewers earlier today. I don’t really see why, considering Veras asked for $2.375 million, and the Brewers countered with $2 million. Not that big of a difference, but apparently they were having trouble coming to an agreement.

The last time the Brewers went to an arbitration case was with Corey Hart, prior to the 2010 season. Hart ended up winning the case, and the Brewers’ fan base was angry because he’d made some cracks at the fans, and hadn’t been much a player before that. However, he completely turned it around in 2010, and had a career year with 31 homers and 102 RBIs. Hart’s feelings towards the fan base also changed, as he’s becoming a fan favorite in Milwaukee.

I don’t if Veras is worth going to an arbitration hearing with, but he’d better have at least a decent year next year.

> The Athletics have apparently came out of nowhere and signed Cuban sensation Yoenis Cespedes to a four-year, $36 million deal.

But, in my opinion, this really isn’t going to help them at all. They’ve already traded away Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill, and Andrew Bailey. I’m guessing this move is only to make their fan-base a little more confident in their team next year, but I still predict that they’ll come in last by a large margin next year in the AL West.

> Remember that show called “The Franchise” that started airing last year? They went behind the scenes of the Giants’ clubhouse, but this year they’re featuring the Marlins. I might actually watch it this year, just because Carlos Zambrano‘s tantrums will be available for the public to see. Ozzie Guillen is also quite the character.

I assume that’s why the Marlins are going to be the team featured, though, because they have so many different personalities on their team.

> Very, very, very slow news day today. The only Brewers news was the Veras case, and there isn’t much to talk about there, so I kind of had to go into some non-Brewers related topics. I don’t usually do that, but it’s inevitable when the Brewers aren’t making any interesting moves. But Spring Training is coming soon enough, and I’ll have plenty to cover then.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


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