Melvin talks Greinke

> Yesterday, Brewers GM Doug Melvin was interviewed by an MLB Network radio station. He talked about a few topics, and then was asked about his position on Zack Greinke, who becomes a free agent at the end of the 2012 season. He was asked about how he was going to handle Greinke, considering he gave up a lot in that blockbuster deal back in December of 2010. In response, Melvin said:

“Well, Zack and I have had some conversations. Zack likes it here. He expressed that the fan base was important to him. He expressed the fact that he wants to see that we can be a competitive club year after year after year. That’s something he wants and desires. The thing with Zack Greinke that I was very impressed with in my conversation was he said he can do better. He said he didn’t feel he was at the top of his game last year, and this is coming from someone who was 16-6, led the Major Leagues in strikeouts per nine innings (and) never lost a game at home here at Miller Park. So that’s refreshing to hear from a player when he has that kind of year and wants to do better.” (Courtesy of JSOnline)

I know Greinke had a good year last year, but I think some of his side numbers may have made us think he pitched better than he did. It’s true that his strikeout numbers were insane, which was a positive. He was also 16-6, but that was largely because he received of some of the most run support in baseball.

I’m not bashing Greinke here or saying he’s a bad pitcher, because he’s truly talented, and deserves a multi-year deal with the Crew. I’m just saying that I agree with Greinke himself that he could do better next year.

By the way, if you look at the comments on the link I posted after the Melvin quote, you’ll see about five comments down some guy who said, “I didn’t know Zack Greinke felt emotions” or something like that. Are you kidding me? Why even go on a blog if you’re going to make retarded and offensive comments like that, especially when Greinke actually has an emotional problem?

Sorry, that was off-topic, but I just found that appalling. Hopefully that loser wasn’t a Brewers fan.

> The Reds made two signings official yesterday- outfielder Ryan Ludwick, and lefty starter Jeff Francis, both on one-year deals.

Ludwick spent last season with the Padres and Pirates, but was injured for the last month or so. He hit a combined .237.

Francis went 6-16 with a 4.82 ERA with the Royals last season, but, in my opinion, pitched a little better than that. He had some horrible run support, resulting in the six wins. In fact, his first win didn’t even come until Interleague play (against the Cardinals, ironically enough).

> And that’s about it for now. Sorry for not posting in- what has it been, three days? I’ve been doing a few things for Reviewing the Brew. You can read my latest post there here; it’s pretty much explaining the newly acquired Jose Veras’ career up to this point and what to expect from him in 2012. I also did an interview-type piece for the Astros’ FanSided site, Climbing Tal’s Hill, which should be up there tomorrow morning. I’ll probably do a follow-up piece of some sort on RtB tomorrow night.

Anyway, that’s about it. Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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