Morgan returns to his roots

> If you don’t know Nyjer Morgan’s background already, tell me this- could you imagine him as a hockey player?

I learned this last season after his infamous bench-clearing brawl in Florida while he was with the Nationals. It was ignited when Chris Volstad (who’s now on the Cubs, ironic) threw behind Morgan after already hitting him with a pitch earlier in the game. Morgan charged the mound, but failed, as Gaby Sanchez flew over and laid a clothesline blow to his head.

After that incident, I thought this to myself- why would a shrimp like Morgan (not meaning that in an offensive way) charge the mound, when a 6’8” pitcher in Volstad is waiting there?

That’s when I learned he was a former hockey player. Apparently, he grew up a huge hockey fan, and played junior hockey for awhile. Morgan is from San Jose, and he strongly followed his hometown Sharks.

Morgan never made it past the major junior level in Canada, so he decided to leave his hockey dreams behind for his second favorite sport- baseball.

But now his hockey dreams are coming back- kind of. Earlier today, he got to practice with the Sharks, the team he grew up admiring. You can read the full article about that here, because there are so many different things that happened at that practice that I can’t cover them all.

> Yesterday, I did another post- my third, I believe- on Reviewing the Brew. It got some positive feedback on Twitter, and it was featured on the Brewers blog Brew Crew Ball. You can read it here.

In short, the topic was regarding Taylor Green as an option at first base. I’ve actually mentioned the multiple times on this blog, simply because I’m not completely sold on Mat Gamel- at least not yet. But we’ll see what happens at first in 2012.

> And that’s about it. Very, very slow news day, but hopefully there will be something to report about tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


2 Responses to Morgan returns to his roots

  1. elmaquino says:

    go the other way: have the AL get rid of the DH. it’s purpose has been long fulfilled anyway

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