Braun’s BBWAA speech goes well

> Last night, Ryan Braun spoke publicly for the first time since ESPN practically ruined his life back in December. He gave his acceptance speech for the NL MVP award, and it seemed to go over well. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here.

Most of the speech is pretty much just Braun congratulating the other award recipients and thanking his supporters. But, he did indirectly reference the whole drug story twice in the speech. He did it first when he was thanking the Players’ Association, thanking them for helping him throughout his career, “and especially everything I’ve been through the past couple months.” That was the only notable time he made reference to it, but he also said this:

“Sometimes in life we all deal with challenges we never expected to endure. We have an opportunity to view those challenges as obstacles or opportunities, and I’ve chose to face every challenge as an opportunity, and this will be no different. I’ve always thought someone’s character is shown through how they deal with those moments of adversity.”

It was something along those lines; I don’t think I got it exactly. But it’s somewhere towards the end of the video if you want to watch it yourself.

Anyway, that probably referred to the drug thing as well. I assume it means he’s confident that he can get through this thing, and that his true character will be shown when he does.

But off of that topic. This speech made me realize even more of how much of a class act Braun is, and that he couldn’t have possibly done such a thing.

It just doesn’t add up.
Before I move on, a note to the people watching the video- you’ll notice Bobby Valentine sitting next to Braun during his speech. I heard he was mercilessly booed earlier in the dinner, which sounds hilarious. But pay attention to his facial expressions during Braun’s speech- they’re pretty amusing.

> And that’s actually about it, I guess. There has been very little news involving the Brewers lately, other than this.

But, before I go, I’d like to announce that I’ve applied for a Brewers blog called “Reviewing the Brew.” Someone commented on here the other day, giving me an offer to apply, so I figured it’d be a good experience. I’m expecting to hear back either today or tomorrow, so I’m definitely excited for that.

Anyway, it’s still early, so I could update with more news later. But for now, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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