More news on Aoki, Braun situations

> The two biggest offseason situations for the Brewers may have been resolved today, or are at least closer to being resolved.

> The Brewers announced that they’re going to be working outfielder Norichika Aoki this weekend at their Spring Training complex in Maryvale, Arizona. I saw an interesting article earlier today regarding Aoki’s role with the Brewers, and one particular thing in it caught my eye.

Aoki is going to be the Brewers’ fifth outfielder, assuming they sign him. That gives the Brewers Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, Nyjer Morgan, Carlos Gomez, and Aoki, and that’s obviously not going to work, because one of them isn’t going to get any playing time.

Morgan and Gomez platooned in center last year, which would have probably happened again next year. Hart has right field locked up, and same with Braun for left. But, there’s no guarantee Braun will be playing for the first 50 games of next year (which I’ll get to later), which could be part of the reason the Brewers are going after Aoki.

But let’s just assume that Braun does get suspended (which he hopefully won’t, but I’m just talking hypothetically). If he does, then the Brewers have four outfielders. But, when Braun comes back after the 50 games, then they have five, which, again, is too many. That article I mentioned earlier suggested the possibility of Gomez getting traded or cut at that point, which would make sense, since the other three are more valuable to the Brewers. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens- we don’t even know the fate of Braun yet.

> Which leads me to my next topic. According to Lance Allen (@lanceallen), Braun’s case is to be held after the BBWAA MVP award ceremony, which means it would happen around January 22nd or 23rd.

Also, according to Jon Heyman (@JonHeymanCBS), Braun does plan to attend that ceremony to officially accept his MVP award. But I can’t even start to imagine how awkward that’s going to be.

> The Marlins officially acquired Carlos Zambrano from the Cubs today in exchange for Chris Volstad and cash. I still think they’re going to regret this…

But the funny part is that the Marlins only have to pay $2.5 million of the $18 million that Zambrano is owed in 2012. Who has to pay the rest? The Cubs.

> And that’s about it. Not much news today, but at least some light was finally shed on the Braun and Aoki situations. Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


2 Responses to More news on Aoki, Braun situations

  1. elmaquino says:

    I don’t think Braun’s guilty of performance enhancing, but man I hope he gets nailed. Cards and brewers are essentially the same teams if Milwaukee has Braun. Without him for a third of the season, that headstart is a division winner.

    Heard they might expand the playoffs this year, which might be just in time for the Brewers.

    • breakingwi says:

      Yeah, I guess the Cards and Brewers are similar teams. If Greinke pitches like he did in ’09, then he and Wainwright are pretty equal, and the rest of the rotation is as well. But even the you guys lost Pujols, the Cards have a ton of offense to fall back on, and I don’t think the Brewers have as much with the loss of Fielder. But that playoff expansion is going to help, definitely.

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