Thank you, Angels.

> Oh, how ironic this is.

> The Cardinals can say good-bye to their longtime All-Star first baseman and omnipotent MVP candidate, Albert Pujols. Meanwhile, the Brewers can rejoice not having to face Pujols for at least 10 more years.

It was announced today that Pujols has signed a monster deal with the Angels. The deal is reportedly for 10 years worth between $250 and $260 million, and has a full no-trade clause, which is what separated the Angels’ deal from the Marlins’ offer.

Pujols was exactly what the Angels needed, because, like many other west coast teams, they have close to no offense. Pujols can act as an entire offense, if needed. He has a career .328 average and 445 home runs.

But the irony in this is that, probably around a month and a half ago, I announced on Twitter that I would be cheering for the Rangers in the World Series, instead of the Cardinals. Naturally, I got hate from some conceited Cardinals fans (who were already bashing to the Brewers anyway, which is why I don’t see why they thought I’d be cheering for the Cards).

But one of the haters (who was  Cards fan, obviously) got into a full-out argument with me. After we’d been having the argument for awhile, this is what he said (and I’m quoting him directly):

@BreakingWI also we will see next year when we smash u again. No prince = no playoffs he’s as good as gone. Pujols will come back 2 repeat

You’ll first notice his complete absence in grammar, but that isn’t the point. “Pujols will come back 2 repeat?” He probably wasn’t expecting it, but it makes him look like a complete idiot at the moment. As much as I want to, I’m not going to call him out using his actual Twitter username, and I doubt he reads this blog. But I hope he feels like crap right now.

So sorry, Cards fans, but “Pujols isn’t coming back 2 repeat.” (And I’m actually legitimately sorry to the classy Cardinals fans who read this blog, but I had to put this out there.)

> Back to the Angels. They also signed starter C.J. Wilson to a five-year, $77.5 million deal today. With Pujols and Wilson on their side, they’re actually a legitimate contender to go deep into the playoffs next year.

And they did all this after announcing at the beginning of the offseason that they’d only have about $15-20 million to spend. This is just slightly more…

> Finally, onto some Brewers news. According to Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal), the Brewers have signed shortstop Alex Gonzalez to a one-year deal with a vesting option.

Offensively, Gonzalez is similar to Yuniesky Betancourt, unfortunately. He hit just .241 with 15 homers and 56 RBIs, which is actually worse than Betancourt on a few different fronts.

But his defense is just spectacular, which is why I like him more than Yuni. His .981 fielding percentage crushes Betancourt’s 2011 fielding percentage of just .965. Gonzalez can also routinely make those highlight reel plays you see all the time. Not to mention he has an extremely strong arm, which is what a shortstop needs.

> Just to clarify from last night, Francisco Rodriguez did in fact accept the Brewers’ arbitration offer. This cuts their chances of possibly bringing back Prince Fielder, but it doesn’t put them all the way out of the running for Aramis Ramirez.

> It’s still pretty early, so I’ll update more as the day goes on. But, for now, thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts.


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