It was a good run, Prince…

> There was a lot of news today surrounding the two most coveted free agents today, who both happen to be first basemen- Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder.

> First of all, we learned that the Marlins aren’t screwing around. They’ve come out and offered a monster 10-year deal worth over $200 million to Pujols. And, they reportedly want an answer at some point tonight.

This offer is better than the deal that the Cardinals offered before the 2011 season, which was estimated to be $195 million and nine years. The Cardinals reportedly upped their offer earlier today after hearing about the Marlins’ offer, but it apparently still wasn’t more than the Marlins’ offer.

There’s also a third mystery team in on Pujols who have also offered a 10-year deal worth more than $200 million. The first teams that come to mind for me are the Rangers, Angels, and Cubs, but the Marlins and Cardinals are still definitely the front-runners.

The Marlins have already signed free agents Heath Bell and Jose Reyes, so Pujols would simply add to that collection.

> According to Doug Melvin, Prince Fielder’s days with the Brewers may be officially over. He announced today that the Brewers are probably out of the running for Fielder.

Not that we weren’t expecting this, but it’s still kind of hard to take. Fielder hit a career .282 with a 230 home runs during his time with the Brewers. He came in third place in the MVP voting in 2011 after hitting .299 with 38 homers and 120 RBIs.

Anyway, Fielder had a great run with the Brewers. He made my day at times, and at other times frustrated the heck out of me. But, I’m going to miss him. So, good luck to him wherever he goes (unless it’s the Cubs or the Cardinals).

> I’m a bit short on time right now, so that’s about all I’ve got. Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts, if you have any.


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