Brewers to make a few offers prior to Winter Meetings

> The Brewers are supposedly not going to be very active during the Winter Meetings this year, but they might be before the Winter Meetings.

> According to the Brewer Nation (@BrewersNation), the Brewers are going to make contract offers to two players this weekend- one relief pitcher, and one infielder. It isn’t known the amount of money or how many years they’re for, and it isn’t even known who the infielder is.

But, the relief pitcher is thought to be Takashi Saito, who pitched for the Brewers last year as well. He was injured until around late June, but was effective upon his return, going 4-2 with a 2.02 ERA. Saito typically shared the seventh inning role with LaTroy Hawkins in 2011, but, unless the Brewers don’t get another reliever capable of setting up, he’ll probably be pitching the eighth inning in 2012.

The only issue about Saito is his injury history (which I already mentioned) and his age. He’s 41 right now, and will be 42 by opening day of 2012. But, if he can still be productive, I don’t care what his age is- let him pitch.

> The Brewers have also supposedly made an offer to utility infielder Jerry Hairston Jr., who they acquired at the Trade Deadline from the Nationals. He didn’t do much during the regular season, but had a few key hits in the playoffs. He also had some misplays in the playoffs, however.

> Yesterday, the Dodgers signed former Brewers pitcher Chris Capuano to a two-year deal worth around $10 million. After the Brewers told Capuano that he wouldn’t be able to start for them prior to the 2011 season, he elected to become a free agent, and was signed by the Mets. He went 11-12 with a 4.55 ERA for the Mets in 2011, and had a career 4.34 ERA during his five years with the Brewers.

There was some speculation before the 2011 season that the Brewers should have opted to keep Capuano as the fifth starter, instead of going with lefty starter Chris Narveson, who could have also been used out of the bullpen. But Narveson ended up having a slightly better season than Capuano, as he went 11-8 with a 4.45 ERA.

> And that’s about it. It’s been a slow past few days… Actually, who am I kidding? It’s been a slow few weeks. But, I’m happy to announce that, the day before yesterday, the record for views in a single day on Breaking Wisconsin was shattered by over 100 views. So thanks to everyone who checked this site out that day, and thanks to everybody who’s taken the time to look at it for as long it’s existed.

Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts, if you have any.


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