Brewers watch from sidelines as World Series begins

Today was the first game of the 107th World Series. This year, it’s the Rangers and the Cardinals facing off for the title.

It could say “Brewers” in place of “Cardinals” in that sentence, but there are various reasons that couldn’t happen.

The Brewers’ season came to a very disappointing end on Sunday, as they lost to the Cardinals, 12-6. The Cardinals are now in the World Series, and won the first game of it, 3-2, against the Rangers.

But, during the last two games of the NLCS, I realized that the Brewers were not a team that deserved to go to the World Series. As a die-hard Brewers fan, it’s extremely hard for me to say that, but it’s beyond true. If you were unlucky enough to see a string of three consecutive errors- two of which happened on the same play- during the Brewers’ final game of the season, you probably agree with me. Oh, and I was definitely one of the people unlucky enough to see it- I had a great view from six rows behind the plate at Miller Park. It was in the fifth inning, and it started when right fielder- if you can even call him that anymore- Corey Hart picked up a base hit off the bat of David Freese. But, Hart promptly let it roll past him, and allowed Matt Holliday, who’d been on first, advance to third.

But that wasn’t even close to the worst of it. On the next play, third baseman Jerry Hairston Jr. botched what would have been a double play by letting it bounce of his glove. He then tried to make up for his mistake by shoveling the ball to second baseman Rickie Weeks, but it went in between Weeks’ legs, and had to be recovered by shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt. It was literally the ugliest defense I had ever seen.

But, after the ball went through Weeks’ legs, I simply sat there laughing, and thought to myself- I actually thought these guys were going to win the World Series?

Don’t get me wrong here. The Brewers had one of their best season in decades. They racked up a franchise record 96 wins, had the best starting pitching they had in years, and so on and so forth.

But I think they just got too comfortable, and I’m talking about the team as a whole when I say that. I loved “Beast Mode,” but it really made them look pretty stupid when they were getting the crap beaten out of them. But one thing that really comes back and makes the team look stupid is the tweeting of Nyjer Morgan back in September. Following a loss to the Cardinals, he went on Twitter and started making fun of how the Cardinals would be watching the Brewers while they were in the playoffs. I’ll admit it was sort of funny at the time, but I have a feeling when he said that the Cardinals watching the Brewers in the playoffs, he meant at home- not in the opposing dugout. But the Cards got an up-close and personal look at how bad the Brewers’ defense really is.

I also have something to say about Ron Roenicke, but I’ll save that for tomorrow- I’m pretty limited on time right now.

Anyway, before I go, I just want to talk about something that happened to me on Twitter last night. So I came across this tweet by some Cardinals radio talk show host (at least that’s who I think he was). He said something like along the lines of “only two states in the country have more than 60% of their baseball fans saying that the Rangers are going to win game 1. Texas, and Wisconsin. How cute.” (That wasn’t exactly the tweet, but that’s the point he was making.) I get infuriated by these types of tweets, so, out of mostly anger, I replied with something like, “You really expected us to cheer for the Cardinals? What planet are you from?” But, instead of replying to me and telling me how he felt, he re-tweeted me to his 5,000 or so followers, so I was getting hated on by conceited St. Louis idiots, who clearly didn’t know a thing about baseball, for the next hour. But it was amusing enough, I guess.

I’ve only met one classy Cards fan all year. The rest have pretty much been scum who gave up on their team in August, then came back and started bragging again after they clinched the Wild Card. And the Cards are supposed to have the best fan base in baseball. That really got exposed this year.

Anyway, my point is I’m not cheering for a team whose manager called me and the rest of Brewers fans “idiots.” That isn’t the way the world goes round. The reason I say that is because one of the haters accused me of having no NL pride. Why should I have pride in a manager who tries to make jabs at my favorite team and its fanbase all year?


7 Responses to Brewers watch from sidelines as World Series begins

  1. elmaquino says:

    It’s unnatural to root for a team that knocked you out. Why anyone would criticize that is beyond me.

    I used to buy that the Cards had the best fans. Then I found Twitter. It could definitely help my base if I tweeted during games, but the idiocy on there is too much for me to handle. I’ve managed to find plenty who can actually have an intelligent baseball thought, but even an objective onlooker like myself (in KC) can see the Best Fans label is a dumb stereotype.

    The other issue is that people feel invincible online. They trash players that they would beg for an autograph in real life and lose all decency when interacting with eachother.

    I’ve had to deal with the same kind of idiots you have from the Brewers’ side. They completely lose perspective and forget we’re talking about a freaking GAME. Very annoying, I got your back there.

    Baseball sites take a while to take off since there’s so many (mine took ~9 months), but yours should separate itself from the pack in time. Keep at it and do your best to build your audience through #Brewers and try to ignore your site stats for a while even if it seems impossible.

    Good luck,


    • breakingwi says:

      Thanks for understanding. You’re the one Cards fan (or fan of another team in general, really) who seems to understand another team from their fans’ point of view. I wish there were more like that.

      And I know what you mean by feeling “invincible” online. I actually used to be like that a few years back, but it ended up getting me in a lot of trouble- and it’s eventually going to get those other “invincible” people in trouble as well.

      But I can wait a few months for this site to take off. I’ve only had this blog since the end of June, so I guess I’m not surprised it hasn’t taken off yet. But hopefully, in time, it’ll be as successful as yours has been. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. jason says:

    May be a bad time to ask, but what are Fielders’ chances of coming back? I mean, did the Crew go deep enough this year to keep him or am I just stuck in a pipe dream here?

    • breakingwi says:

      I was thinking that if we won the WS then there would be a chance that he wouldn’t want to leave the atmosphere of Milwaukee. But, the season ended on kind of a bad note, and we didn’t even make it to the WS.

      I think there’s a 20% chance we sign Fielder. Pretty low, but Fielder did say that it was probably the last year back in September. So, unless something changed in his mind since then, it’s a pretty bad chance of him coming back.

  3. Great write-up. Referred by ElMaquino above.

    I’ll admit, I’m a die hard Cards fan, but most of all, a baseball fan. I cringed when those plays happened, as well. That whole game was a mess. But just being honest, the Cards have not been a poster child for team defense this year, either.

    I’m not a big believer of teams ‘deserving’ to go to the World Series. Believe me, I’m hearing from a ton of people saying the Cards definitely don’t deserve to be there. But they are. The years we were least likely to be there they’ve done well. With their ‘best’ team, in 2004, they got swept. So much for that.

    The Rangers were the better defensive team tonight (Game 2), and they won the game. It’s been 2 really good games so far. I’m happy for that.

    As far as Nyjer goes, he’s been annoying to Cards’ fans even before going to Milwaukee, so it’s not a ‘Brewers’ thing, it’s a ‘T-Plush’ thing. I’ll admit, I wanted the Cards to beat the Brewers pretty badly, but I have the utmost respect for most of the guys on the team, especially Fielder and Braun. Overall, the series seemed to be pretty clean, albeit ugly at times.

    • breakingwi says:

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. And it’s good to see you’re a baseball fan, not one of those guys I encountered on Twitter the other night.

      I guess I’m not really big in believing teams deserve to go to the WS either, I’ll admit I was slightly frustrated when I was writing this. But, for the Cardinals, this is exactly the same as 2006. They find ways to make it, even without having a great regular season. Guess they were saving it all for the postseason. And I know what you mean about the “best team”- the Phillies in the NLDS were a perfect example of that.

      And Morgan is even receiving some disrespect from Milwaukee fans now. I hope he cleans up his act next year, because everything he said about the Cards is coming back to haunt him now. And I respect most of the guys on the Cards as well. I’ll admit I’m not big into Motte or Carpenter, but those are two great talents who the Cards wouldn’t have made it without (even though Motte kind of blew out tonight).

  4. […] somewhat depressed that the Brewers aren’t playing in this series. But, as I explained in yesterday’s post, that awful defense pretty much made it impossible. Anyway, I’m not going to ramble on about […]

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