Brewers’ season takes turn for the worse with ugly loss

I just don’t know anymore. None of the Cardinals’ starting pitchers have made it past the fifth inning in this NLCS, yet they lead it 3-2. It just doesn’t make sense. But, the Brewers certainly didn’t help themselves with they way the played, even though their starter went more than five innings.

The Brewers were made complete fools of yesterday as they lost to the Cardinals, 7-1. They looked like a completely different team from the team that pulled out a great 4-2 win the day before, offensively and defensively. They made four extremely embarrassing errors, which were pretty much the death (figuratively, obviously) of Zack Greinke.

Greinke wasn’t having a very good time on the mound, and you could tell by his body language. He went 5 2/3 innings while giving up five runs (two earned) on seven hits. He walked two and struck out none- it was the first time in his career he went at least four innings without striking out a batter. But at least it’s in the postseason, so those stats don’t really count.

Anyway, what I meant by “body language” before wasn’t that he looked injured or anything- he just looked annoyed at his defense. After a  ball that went through third baseman Jerry Hairston Jr.’s error that cost Greinke two runs, Greinke whipped the ball on the ground. It was actually kind of funny because it bounced back up and hit him on the chest, but you could tell his frustration.

But the Brewers’ season has taken an awful turn. That game last night had to be one of their worst games of the year (which is saying something, considering they’ve had their share of bad games). And the worst part of it is they’re now one game away from having their 2011 season put to rest.

Unless Shaun Marcum can somehow have a good start- something that hasn’t happened in awhile. Marcum’s ERA in September was 5.17, and his ERA in the postseason is 12.46. Yeah, you don’t want a guy with those numbers starting your possible elimination game. But it’s something you have to deal with when you have a stubborn manager like Ron Roenicke, who continues to refuse to start Chris Narveson in this game, despite his career 1.20 ERA against the Cardinals.

And even if the Brewers win this game, the game 7 starter would be Yovani Gallardo, and his career 5.66 ERA vs. the Cardinals doesn’t look all that promising, either. So it’s going to take not one, but two miracles for the Brewers to advance to the World Series.

They’d play the Rangers if they got there. The Rangers-Tigers ALCS just ended with the Rangers slaughtering the Tigers 15-5, and advancing to their second consecutive World Series. And they did without Cliff Lee, who is probably wishing he would have stuck with Texas instead of the busts in Philladelphia. By the way, the ALCS MVP is more than likely going to be former Brewer Nelson Cruz- he hit six homers during the series. I think that ought to win it for him.

But here’s to hoping for back-to-back miracles. Let’s do this.

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