Season on the line for Brewers

Tomorrow is the day. Whoever wins moves onto the NLCS; maybe beyond. Whoever loses goes home for the year, wondering what they did wrong to waste away a great 162 game season in just one game.

But that’s how the playoffs work, and this is the case for the Brewers and Diamondbacks. Their NLDS is tied at 2-2, the wins for each team coming at their respective home fields. The Brewers, who had home field advantage, jumped out to an early 2-0 lead on the D-backs, and appeared set to clinch their first CS appearance since 1982. But, the Diamondbacks used their own home field to get right back into the series, tying it 2-2. Tomorrow’s game is at Miller Park, thankfully.

Anyway, the last two games were awful for the Brewers. Shaun Marcum and Randy Wolf gave up seven runs in back-to-back starts, giving the D-backs two easy blowout wins. It didn’t help that the Brewers gave up grand slams in back-to-back games, but let’s just say that Brewers fans probably aren’t too fond of rookie Paul Goldschmidt, or the tattooed freak, Ryan Roberts, right now.

Tomorrow’s game will be a rematch of game 1: a battle of aces, Yovani Gallardo and Ian Kennedy. Gallardo took the cake in game 1, going eight stellar innings and improving to 6-0 against the Diamondbacks in his career. Kennedy, on the other hand, was stubborn the entire game, and, had he used the intentional walk in two situations, he could have saved his team three runs. But, he said he didn’t issue one intentional walk all year, and didn’t want to start in the postseason. Great decision.

Anyway, I know a lot of people are thinking, “What are the odds the Brewers beat Kennedy twice in a row?” Which is a good point. Kennedy had just four losses all season (five, if you count game 1 of this series), so the odds of beating him again aren’t great. But, the odds of the Diamondbacks beating Gallardo are worse, because, as I mentioned earlier, Yo is 6-0 against them in his career, with an ERA around 1.00.

That’s all I’ve got for now, actually. Sorry for such a short article, but I’ve already stayed up late enough so I could see the Tigers advance to the ALCS. That was a crazy game, and here’s a quick fact about the Yankees- Alex Rodriguez has struck out to end the Yankees’ season two seasons in a row. I just can’t get the image of Neftali Feliz striking him out to get the Rangers to the World Series in the 2010 ALCS, and Jose Valverde did something similar this year (except Feliz didn’t have a cool dance to go with it).

Anyway, here’s to a Brewers’ win tomorrow. We will make it, no matter what.


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