Brewers can’t get anything going against Carpenter

There isn’t much to say about this game, but it actually got somewhat interesting at the end.

The Brewers were shut out by the Cardinals, 2-0. Chris Carpenter went the distance for the Cards, tossing a four-hitter against the Brewers and throwing just 97 pitches. That pretty much negated a decent start by Zack Greinke, who went seven innings while giving up two runs on eight hits. He didn’t walk a batter and struck out four.

The Brewers offense actually hit balls hard all night, but they were right at position players and turned into double plays. They didn’t get any help from the blind man- er, the umpire behind the plate- in D.J. Reyburn. Casey McGehee took the worst of it, getting ejected after arguing a called third strike. But it was a strike that had been getting called on him all night- a curveball off the plate, not on the corner. But it seemed like any curve that Carpenter threw was called a strike.

Then, in the ninth inning, Carpenter recorded the first out by striking out Nyjer Morgan. Morgan, who had bad blood with Carpenter prior to this incident, said something to Carpenter on his way back to the dugout, but Carpenter ignored him. Morgan kept turning around and looking back and Carpenter before reaching the dugout, and I doubt anything would have happened if it would have stayed like that. But, instead, Albert Pujols has to come jogging across the field towards Morgan from first base and start a bench-clearing argument. Morgan immediately turned towards Pujols and started cussing at him, and was then ejected. For some reason, Pujols wasn’t ejected, despite the fact he pretty much aggravated the whole thing. But that doesn’t matter, I guess- the Brewers lost, and now it’s time to look onto what will be the toughest series for the rest of the season.

The Brewers, the second best team in the NL, will welcome the best team in the NL to Miller Park- the Phillies. The Brewers will face three Cy Young caliber pitchers this series, topped off by arguably the best rookie pitcher in baseball right now. Here are the match-ups:

Cole Hamels (13-7, 2.63 ERA) vs. Chris Narveson (10-6, 4.26 ERA)

Roy Halladay (16-5, 2.49 ERA) vs. Shaun Marcum (12-5, 3.11 ERA)

Cliff Lee (16-7, 2.47 ERA) vs. Randy Wolf (12-9, 3.47 ERA)

Vance Worley (11-1, 2.85 ERA) vs. Yovani Gallardo (15-10, 3.71 ERA)

The match-up tomorrow will be a battle of lefties, but on significantly better than the other (no offense, Narvey, but you’re not quite Cy Young caliber). Narveson is 4-0 with a 2.88 ERA over his last six starts, but will face a tough foe in the Phillies tomorrow. He’s 0-1 with a 5.40 ERA in his career against the Phillies. Narveson actually flirted with a no-hitter in his start against Philly earlier this season, but wound up taking a n0-decision in that start.

Hamels, on the other hand, has been good against the Brewers in his career, going 4-2 with a 3.66 ERA against them. But, he’s the only starter who’s had success against the Brewers of all the Philly starters who are starting this series. Halladay and Lee have both struggled a lot against the Brewers in their careers.

4 Responses to Brewers can’t get anything going against Carpenter

  1. EM says:

    C’mon dude. I know its your team, but you CANT blame Albert. Morgan clearly started it.

    Don’t be the Reds fans who said last year’s fight was Yadi’s fault despite that it never would have happened had Brandon Phillips not cussed out the whole team.

    My take:

    • breakingwi says:

      I’m not putting it all on Albert, but I’m just saying that it would have been better, had he not ran across the diamond.

      And don’t worry, I will NEVER be like a Reds fan. I shiver just thinking of them.

  2. I agree, nothing more would have happened if it wasn’t for Albert. Plus, Nyjer says Chris said something first…
    Can’t wait for Phillies series. This will be a nice challenge or reality check for us- for the good or bad-haha Go Brewers!

    • breakingwi says:

      I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if Carp actually said something first, though. I honestly don’t think he said anything, but we may never know, thanks to the horrible camerawork on Fox Sports…

      And I agree about the Philly series- this will give us a good sense of what to expect in October. Go Crew!

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