Lopez to report to Triple-A Nashville

This is yesterday’s news, but, since there’s nothing else to post about right now and I forgot to post it yesterday, what better time than now?

It was reported yesterday that Brewers infielder Felipe Lopez accepted his assignment to the Brewers’ Triple-A affiliate, the Nashville Sounds, and started playing for them today. The Brewers designated him for assignment on Wednesday after he was very unimpressive at the Major League level.

The Brewers acquired Lopez from the Rays before the Trade Deadline because they were in need of an extra infielder due to the injury to Rickie Weeks. They were also interested in his versatility, as Lopez can play pretty much any infield position. But, that versatility couldn’t make up for his lack of offense- he hit for just a .182 average during his time with the Brewers this year.

And, on top of that, the Brewers found that they had tons of options to fill in at second base during Weeks’ absence, such as Jerry Hairston Jr., Craig Counsell, and Josh Wilson. All of the names I just mentioned are above average defensively (except maybe Hairston), while Lopez is just plain lazy on the field. None of them are huge hitters, either, but are all hitting over .182 (except Counsell, but that’s courtesy of a 0-for-46 slump).

Anyway, I just finished watching Randy Wells of the Cubs toss a two-hit shutout against the worst offensive team in baseball. Who is that? None other than the reigning World Champions. There’s a reason that the Giants are now 4.5 games behind the Diamondbacks in the NL West. That reason? Getting shut out by pitchers with ERAs a mile over 5.00.

So, yeah, the reason I wrote this is because the Brewers had an off-day today. I know off-days are great for players, but they are the exact opposite for die-hard fans. Anyway, I’ll see you guys tomorrow for a Shaun Marcum vs. Edwin Jackson matchup in Milwaukee (a game that I’ll actually be at).


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