Brewers sign top two draft picks Jungmann, Bradley

12:28p As the deadline for signing draft picks approached, I was worried that the Brewers weren’t going to be able to sign either of their top draft picks. But, Doug Melvin pulled it off, as usual.

The Brewers managed to sign both of their first round draft picks- Taylor Jungmann and Jed Bradley- right before the deadline for signing draft picks, which was last night at 11 P.M. CT, came. It was announced about three to five minutes after the deadline that Bradley signed, and about 20 minutes after that, it was confirmed that Jungmann also signed.

Jungmann was the No. 12 pick overall in this year’s First-Year Player Draft, and the Brewers’ No. 1 pick. He’s coming off his junior year at Texas, where he went 13-3 with a 1.60 ERA in 18 starts and one relief appearance for them. Jungmann’s great year notched him two awards: the Big 12 Pitcher of the Year, and the Dick Howser Trophy (which is pretty much college baseball’s version of the Heisman). Jungmann also pitched the Texas Longhorns to the College World Series.

Bradley, on the other hand, was the No. 15 pick overall, and the Brewers’ second pick in the draft. He went 7-3 with a 3.49 ERA in 16 starts for Georgia Tech.

The reason the Brewers got two first round picks so close together is because Bradley was a compensation pick. The Brewers got a compensation pick because their first round pick from 2010 didn’t sign.

The Brewers also signed 18th round shortstop Chris McFarland. He appeared dedicated to Rice University, where he had a scholarship, but the Brewers lured him away from that.

Overall, the Brewers had a pretty good draft. They signed 33 of their 51 picks, and that included all 12 of their top picks. The Brewers also signed six undrafted players.

As the deadline for signed draft picks approached, all teams were rushing to sign their top (and lower) picks, and some of the were “overslot,” meaning they got pretty big signing bonuses. Jungmann received a $2.525 million signing bonus, while Bradley got a $2 million bonus. McFarland got $315,000, and a promise that the Brewers would pay for his college education.

Anyway, that’s about it for all the Brewers’ draft picks. But, one more thing about the draft- Jungmann was one of the players predicted to help their Major League team in the near future, so hopefully that will come true.

And, one more thing regarding the Dodgers-Brewers game tonight: I got the pitcher for the Dodogers wrong in my post last night. I said it was going to be Clayton Kershaw, but it’s actually going to be Chad Billingsley (10-9, 4.17 ERA). But we can blame MLB for taking forever to put that up on their website. Anyway, Billingsley is 2-1 with a 5.40 ERA in his career against the Brewers. He also has a 5.53 ERA on the road this year, and that doesn’t match up well with the Brewers’ home record, which is the best in baseball.

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