Cardinals get extremely undeserving win over Brewers

11:42p That was one of the worst games I’ve seen in a long time.

No wrap-up today…

No. I’m not writing a summary about this game. If you watched the game, you probably have an idea why, whether you’re a Brewers fan or Cardinals fan.

The Cardinals played with the least class that I’ve ever seen a team play with in my lifetime. Jason Motte attempted to hit Ryan Braun twice in a row (he hit him on the second pitch), Yadier Molina screamed at the home plate umpire because of a called third strike, and the Cardinals came inside far too many times, whether or not they were intentional. Also, any respect I had for Tony La Russa coming into today has disappeared and won’t be returning anytime soon.

Anyway, I’d just rather forget about this game than jabber on about what happened, because I know I’ll just get carried away.

I might add something tomorrow if I get the chance, but right now I’m just in too horrible of a mood to write anything else. The box score might be up later, though.


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