Aren’t the Cardinals supposed to be a class act?

12:49p Apparently not.

Last night, I was far too angry to really go in-depth on anything that occurred during the game. I did mention all of the stupid things the Cardinals did during the game, but didn’t get too specific. Now, I’m going to get specific. And probably somewhat opinionated as well.

I just finished watching Tony La Russa’s “explosion” in his press conference after the game last night. It wasn’t much of an explosion, but, it got me thinking- is this really the manager of the supposedly “classiest” team in baseball?

La Russa did a few things I wasn’t too impressed with yesterday. In fact, I nearly blew up a few times during the game, and a few times after. But, here’s how it all started.

Takashi Saito was in a huge jam in the seventh inning, with guys on the corners and nobody out. He tried to come up and in to the batter- Albert Pujols- and missed rather badly, hitting Pujols in the wrist. It happened to be the same wrist the sent Pujols to the DL earlier this year, so La Russa, who came out to check if Pujols was all right, wasn’t too happy.

So what does he do the next inning? He leaves in Jason Motte, who had thrown the previous inning, to face Ryan Braun. And sure as hell, what does Motte do? First, he went inside to Braun, nearly hitting him but missed. I thought maybe he just let a pitch get away from him and there wasn’t any intent. My thoughts would completely change on the next pitch.

Motte hit Braun with the next pitch, and it was DEFINITELY intentional. La Russa said after the game that it wasn’t intentional, but said he was still trying to send a message, which makes absolutely no sense. But I don’t care what he says about anything anymore, including this. It was intentional, and the Brewers should have made him pay, but we couldn’t, even with bases loaded and no outs.

Anyway, that’s not all. Yadier Molina was called out on strikes in the 10th inning on a perfect pitch from Marco Estrada, but completely lost his mind and starting screaming and spitting at the umpire. Obviously, he was ejected, but after the game, he claimed that it was sweat flying off him and hitting the ump, not him spitting. Sorry Molina, but unless it’s possible for sweat to fly out of your mouth, you were spitting on him.

So that’s pretty much what went on last night. I’d love to see a Brewers retaliation today and give La Russa what he deserves, but the Brewers just don’t seem to be that kind of team anymore. But at least we can say that we have class; something the Cardinals can’t.


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