11:59p Sorry for not posting for a few days. I’ve been out of town for the past two days, and I didn’t have internet for my computer where I was. But I’m back now, and daily posts should continue as usual.

Anyway, the Brewers started off their second half of the season on the road the same way it’s been for them on the road all season: crappy. They’ve dropped the first two games in Denver at the hands of the Rockies. Ubaldo Jimenez stifled them for the most part yesterday while Yovani Gallardo fell apart once again at Coors Field. Then, today, Juan Nicasio shut down the Crew for seven innings and the Brewers were shut out. That eliminated a quality start from Chris Narveson, who went six innings and gave up three runs.

Meanwhile, we still haven’t been able to see what the newly-acquired Francisco Rodriguez can do in a Brewers uniform, since we haven’t been in a winning situation since he’s been with us. Even if we don’t win tomorrow (which we better, otherwise I will NOT be happy), I’d expect to see K-Rod enter the game in some situation just to get some work in.

By the way, there’s something about the K-Rod deal I forgot to mention. If Rodriguez finishes 21 more games this season, a vesting option activates, which will make the Brewers owe $17.5 million to him next year. Or, at least that’s what would have happened, but now there’s been a change of luck for the Brewers and their small market.

Earlier today, the Brewers, K-Rod, and K-Rod’s agent, the notorious Scott Boras, all agreed to make that huge vesting option mutual, meaning that both sides would have to agree for the vesting option to activate. That should make the Brewers feel much better about letting K-Rod finish games.

Anyway, one more thing before I go- Ryan Braun’s hit streak ended at 23 today. he extended it yesterday on his first day back after being injured for eight games, but couldn’t do it today.


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